Sunday, October 22, 2006

and lo there was beer

Well its been a busy few weeks - first of all I had a birthday blahhh - actually it was quite fun - cake, presents (including some book vouchers for my course hurrah) and wine, what more could I ask for really.

I've finally got stuck into my Screenwriting course at Napier. Its definitely taken a few weeks before I've really starting feeling like a student, but now that I have I'm enjoying it. So far we've talked about premise, narrative and the process of Development. At first it seemed to be a LOT of theory (and it is) but its also been quite illuminating - somehow actually hearing certain aspects of the process talked about and discussed has made them much clearer. Its also been good to start getting to know the other students - I've mentioned it previously but its seriously good to find everyone so enthusiastic.

Finally got to check out the Student Union Bar too - and not bad it is either. I have a feeling that many a beer will be sunk there before the year is out, especially considering its proximity to the Screen Academy.

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