Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dancing Queen

Enjoyed watching the live broadcast of the filming of SHOWstudio's Edition 24 project for YSL yesterday morning - was interesting to watch all the background work required before the stars appeared - set dressers, cleaners, make-up, hair, continuity, costume, the list's pretty endless.

Was also thrilled to see they used most of my narration. In other scenes, they sometimes took inspiration from a number of treatments, or used just a line or two.

The pic is a still from a 'dancing' scene in the film. Can't wait to see the finished edit which is due out in the Autumn for the launch of the collection. I do admit to some fashion envy though - such gorgeous clothes, sighhhhhhhh.

Fashion moment over. Time to back to the grindstone - got to get something ready for the Red Planet competition and a few other things.

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