Monday, November 05, 2007

Screenwriting Lab Adrian Mead

The fact that I'm typing this now is sure to jinx it, but what the hell! I got a place on the Scottish Book Trusts' Screenwriting Lab mid-November run by Adrian Mead - hurrah!

Three days of screenwriting, as we develop our 1 to 3 minute films written on the theme of 'Choices' and glean important screenwritery things, sounds like heaven compared to my current workload.

Assuming the sky doesn't fall on my head or I get lost in an underpass, I'll be there.

They even serve coffee beforehand - how civilised.

I'm packing a blue plastic tube just in case there's an unexpected livestock incident. You laugh now, but you'll be laughing on the other side OF YOUR FACE when IT happens, oh yes.


potdoll said...

delicious! congrats.

David Bishop said...

Brilliant news. You'll have a great time, assuming the four horsemen of the apocalypse don't intervene first.

MJ said...

The least popular of the four horsemen of the apocalypse were simply biding their time. They crawled inside my Gran's cooker, gnawed at a pipe and nearly blew the whole place up..... but then, for reasons known mainly to themselves, didn't.... so all's well.