Monday, January 21, 2008

Come one and all

These are some of the most recent Google searches that have brought visitors to my blog. You have to wonder, about the oddness of some of them, no?

2 12.50% stories about sex my mother never told
2 12.50% mother voyeur
2 12.50% voyeur mother
2 12.50% colin glascoe
1 6.25% the last of the mohicans soundtrack itunes
1 6.25% literary criticism last of the mohicans
1 6.25% fool fool fool poor bachelor boy
1 6.25% my mother never worked story
1 6.25% my life as a bus stop download
1 6.25% flashbacks of a fool
1 6.25% show studio ysl
1 6.25% voyeur of mother


Chip Smith said...

My favourite one recently was 'Chip Smith philistine'. OK, I admit everything...

Jon Peacey said...

I'm green with envy. I don't seem to get any weird, er, interesting searches. I'm seriously considering just putting random words in to entice them!

Lucy said...

I get 11 searches a week for "How To Write An Ode to A Dog" and have done for 10 mths now. Everybody ready... WTF???

MJ said...

Seriously Lucy wtf - I had a good one recently 'Andy Conway sex' - what HAS that Shooting People man been up to I ask myself????