Friday, July 04, 2008


Just got an email from fellow MA classmate Ronnie. As previously mentioned, he'd got through to the first stage of the BBC Writers Room 'Sharps' competition, swished off to a workshop in London and then had to draft a quick short piece for consideration. He's just found out that he's through to the final 8 - so a residential week in the Big Smoke beckons, along with a £500 bursary, mentoring from in-house development teams at the BBC, and a showcase rehearsed reading with professional actors - wtg! More info on the process once I've quizzed him.

On a related note (I'm not on commission or related to him I promise), he's currently one of the fine and varied reviewers on so worth a look if you fancy having a gander at a "truly International Film Student and Film School Graduate website".

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Laura Anderson said...

Way to go Ronnie! Let's all pin our hopes for success on his shoulders. They can carry us.