Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The truth isn't out there always... sometimes it's JUST a strawberry

1) What the hell is going on with 'Bonekickers'?

2) If it's half a treatment but with a little bit more dialogue than it should have, is it a 'scriptment'? Or is that just a wee bit naff?

3) Is an MFA worth the time, money and effort? You tell me. I've got my own ideas, but I'm keen to hear your opinions, negative or otherwise.

4) Anyone seen the X-Files film?

Don't look for a connection because there isn't one .... it's just a strawberry, from the garden, move along.


AndrewT said...

1) F*ck knows.
2) F*ck knows.
3) F*ck knows
4) no

There, hope that's of some use.

Hank Groman said...

How do email you?
I am wondering if I may use that last apple picture you shot...