Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Writing meme

Been memed by Mr Andrew regarding the writing process.

I'm a bit of a splurger initially - I get an idea and make myself write a few notes down. I do this quite a lot, but it's only a few of those ideas which 'stick' and end up whizzing around my head whilst I'm getting on with everyday things. This is generally a GOOD SIGN, as it means that they have SOMETHING - as yet unexplored but something.

In the old undisciplined days, pre-MA, I would just start writing and writing and writing, and end up with an unwieldy mass of anything between 50-120 pages which was almost impossible to edit or structure. THEN I'd worry about trying to ascertain what kind of monster I'd created. NOW, I've learned to do a bit of a splurge initially to get the ideas and energy out on to paper (or screen), but then to pull back and work out a loose structure and plan for where I think it will go. This plan often changes, but at least gives me a way of working through my brain-stormings, to get something that's a hopeful first draft.

Something I have also learned, is that it is imperative you work out what way of working suits YOU. I've learned that if I try to over-structure something and plot it out minutely, I kill my writing stone dead - it takes all the momentum out, and leaves me feeling lethargic, and like I've nothing left to explore. So I have to try to hit a balance of part-splurge, part-plan.

THEN I spend days hopping about, cleaning the fridge and eating too many biscuits while I curse my protagonist and pretend I never wanted to be a writer anyway. Today is one of those days, except..... I have a part-plan so all is not lost!

I have 3 new ideas all of whom won't leave me alone - that's annoying because I HAVE to finish this project first! Damn you all!

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AndrewT said...

That's pretty much similar to my approach these days, with the exception of cleaning the fridge and eating biscuits. Instead I do the washing and load the dishwasher and wonder between the lounge and kitchen too much cursing the lack of biccies.