Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've found my 'Hattie Jacques'!!!!

On another note, I'm giving 'Lost in Austen' one more chance tonight to see if it gets any better. I'm not finding enough jeopardy in it to shove it along... but fingers crossed.

Did you know they're remaking Rentaghost and Worzel Gummidge? Why? Also saw the trailers for the coming 'Merlin'. I first heard this was coming to the screen back here, doesn't time fly. I'm sticking with my original statement that it "better be magnificent and brooding, and not some neddy lad in a fancy cape flouncing about the undergrowth with the Merry Men". It looks worryingly like my prediction may come true but let's hope not.

I'm so glad the world didn't end.


Thomas said...

I heard about Rentaghost and Worzel Gummidge being remade. It's made the world not ending almost seem like a bad thing to be honest.

AndrewT said...

Was Lost in Austen any good? I actually enjoyed last weeks episode, but gave it a miss last night as the Radio Times said it would be better enjoyed if I had read Pride and Prejudice which I hadn't.

Instead a night on the sofa with wine and Frasier took place and was enjoyed by all.

Jon Peacey said...

My vote on Merlin: juvenile rubbish. On a par with Robin Hood.