Thursday, December 18, 2008

'aving it

Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbell were rather wonderful the other night. It's an odd pairing - she's ethereal, nervy looking and projects girlish with her assorted instruments, while he sings dark and grumbling from a deliberately unlit position on stage. They work though - each distinctive voice setting the other off - and with a strange but impressive sexual tension - the songs that is, I'm not implying any shenanigans. Though talking about such things, I heard the best line EVER from the bloke crammed in front of me who came out with : 'you can have it later if you want it' - what made it worse was that I suspect he was telling it to his actual girlfriend rather than a random stranger. Charm obviously survives a-plenty. Anyway, great gig, sweet and salty - I'd like more please, soon.

I've applied for the Athena Screenwriters thing for laydeeeees - which will right now probably jinx it, but I'm on a roll now, my car passed its MOT hurrah.

Hey you, yes you...... (whisper) YOU can 'ave it later... yes really.

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AndrewT said...

Promises, promises.