Sunday, January 11, 2009


Happy New Year!

I celebrated with fiery Jamaican root ginger beer, and an early night - rock'n'roll! Actually I was working, but in principle I LOVE Christmas, but just don't like New Year very much - but I do LOVE the idea that a hopeful, clean slate of a year stretches out ahead. Mind you, if I think back to the worst new year I had, it was stuck in a farmhouse with a bunch of ruddy-faced people I disliked, being made to drink too much and push the sofas back so we could 'have a dance' and THEN having to do the kissy thing with aforementioned unlikeables. It was like 'League of Gentleman' without.... actually it was just like 'L of G' full-stop. Never again - not without a tazer anyway.

No resolutions this year - in a positive way. I know what I'm doing, and I'm ready to embrace change - bring it on! As a radioactive Mr Burns once said, "I wish you love".

I've just uploaded pics I took over the festive season, and this was one of them - either I have successfully taken a pic of aliens, or.... well who knows... I'm ready for change... but maybe not aliens just yet... not without a tazer (just in case).


AndrewT said...

Didn't Mr Burns soon retract love and replace it with hate and fear?

M J said...

He did, but I loved him dancing through the trees all glowy and green like a hippy alien fairy.