Friday, May 08, 2009


I don't have swine flu!

I do have an ear infection though which has led to a perforated eardrum - and you know what, it is THE most painful thing I have ever had. It's worse than broken bones or anything else I can think of. I have absolute sympathy now for babies who apparently get ear hassle quite frequently. I too, wish to be screaming blue murder, whilst pleading for a comforting rusk and a cuddle and LOTS and LOTS of drugs NOW. Then there's the 'stuff', you know, the 'stuff' that floods out your ear all the time EW, AND then there's the fact I can't hear properly, and occasionally get a sort of explosion in my ear like I've been shot - all very unpleasant. Any tips welcome on reducing the hideousness.

Congrats to Marg's team for finishing the Hike and Bike and raising over their magnificent target of £1200 for Maggies - well done girls!

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Laura Anderson said...

Oh dear, poor you! I hope you are taking it easy x