Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If you're scared, hide in the toilets

I was explaining to my 4 yr old niece that I was going to see 'Star Trek' last night, a film about spaceships, aliens (probably bad ones) and rockets. Apparently this is what she told her parents when she got home:

- I’ve never been to the cinema before

- yes, I could eat sweets at the cinema but ONLY after I’ve finished my popcorn.

- if I'm scared, I can hide in the toilets

- I was seeing a film about aliens... which she’d already seen (she hadn't, neener).

The film was really entertaining, it did indeed have aliens in it, I did eat sweets but no popcorn (the smell makes me feel a bit sick), thankfully I didn't have to hide in the toilets but I did jump a number of times due to a surprise monster or 2, I have actually been to the cinema before, and I thoroughly recommend Star Trek - though please sequel-makers, give the female cast something decent to do ( there were flashes of it from particularly Uhura, but she was wasted) rather than just looking good in their underwear or mini-skirts (cellulite doesn't exist in space - fact). Few minor quibbles, but in general - even better than expected, and Captain Kirk, Scotty and Spock didn't disappoint - I thought they might, as I'm a fan of both the TV and film versions (and some of the offshoots). Awww, which reminds me how much I loved Jeff Hunter in his brief time as Pike at the start of the franchise.

BTW is it REALLY true that R2-D2 can be seen in one shot of the new version? I almost want to go back and see, although I definitely noticed a few scenes that seemed like affectionate homages to Star Wars, or was I imagining it?

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