Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hello to my visitor from Great Neck in the USA - best town name ever.

I'm on the final hurdle of the script for Short 2 (which in shooting terms is now Short 1 but nevermind). Need to settle on a title asap, but for the very first time it's proving elusive. What helps you find a title when you're writing? Does it just 'come' to you in a flash of inspiration or does whisky help it along?

Casting starts this week - it's all becoming real - eek and hurrah in equal measure.

I've just seen a Spitfire do the loop-de-loop from my window, it's part of a local airshow. Apparently there's going to be a Vulcan Bomber too - what's the betting that it won't be attempting any fancy schmancy maneouvres, but will just buzz by like an over-heavy giant bluebottle.

On another random point - ever thought you were having a heart attack only to discover an underwire had liberated itself from your bra and was poking you in the chest? No? What never?... uh... me neither (cough).


Laura Anderson said...

Bummer. I hate when short 2 becomes short 1. Hope it will go ahead at some point?

Good luck with the rehearsals!

M J said...

Thanks Laura! They're both still shooting - just not round the way I was initially expecting. Topsy-turvy.