Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New Scientist Flash fiction competition 2010

The New Scientist is running a competition, looking for very short stories about futures that never were, and.... (drum roll) NEIL GAIMAN is judging the shortlist! You know, the guy that wrote American Gods, Coraline, Sandman.....

The winning entry will be printed in the special end-of-year issue of New Scientist and the most entertaining and thought-provoking runners-up will be featured online.

350 words (including title) before 19 November 2010. Go on. Kapow.

(Link corrected and working now)

More info here.


Trisha said...

Good luck with the competition :) If I had seen it in time I would have written something, but oh well! :D

M J said...

Thanks Trisha, and welcome!