Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dummy Jim

Brilliant night at the Speigeltent in the Edinburgh Book Festival to see a live and somewhat experimental performance about Dummy Jim, a feature project by Matt Hulse about James Duthie a profoundly deaf Scotsman who cycled to the Arctic Circle in 1951.

Readings from Duthie's journals, combined with glorious, live music from The One Ensemble and Sarah Kenchington in the billowing, creaking, glowing, atmospheric Speigeltent. I won Dummy Jim badges in the raffle, and left inspired, only to hit the train-wreck that is Lothian Road on a Friday night, however it was somewhat lightened by a very drunk but unfeasibly cheery ned who insisted on a wee dance, and didn't push his luck. I had a pin badge. I was not afraid to use it.

Half a moon saw me home and as I hit the motorway, I saw Jupiter. That means something.

Inspiring evening.

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