Friday, February 23, 2007

Small Screen Gothic

Got my marks back for that damned Market Analysis I've been moaning about interminably for what feels like months - and wonder of wonders I got a D1 for it (that's Distinction in the weird marking system). I was seriously worried about that module because I wasn't able to get the primary interview I desperately wanted and researching figures and percentages bores me rigid, but there you go - never say never! I studied the area of Gothic drama on UK terrestrial tv which was interesting in itself as I'm working on a gothic drama at the moment separately from the Uni work - though somewhat disheartening as few original gothic or gothic-inspired dramas make it through the system. By far the majority that do are adapted from classic and/or famous literary sources like 'Dracula' or Jane Austen. Still, it's about building a portfolio at the moment.

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