Friday, March 02, 2007

Karma and the legacy of Black February

I'm ill. It's karma getting me back for acting all superior when everyone around me was coming down with the same bug a few weeks ago. Karma (or Black February as I like to call it) is now also getting me back by nearly giving me a heart-attack with this mornings post. For contained within the numerous junk catalogues featuring giant slippers and the like, was a Sheriff Court summons from the 'person' who hit my car over a year ago. After I'd picked myself off the floor and finished hyperventilating, I called my Insurers who seemed awfully blase about it and said they had a whole department to deal with court things and not to worry as they'd sort it out. I REALLY hope it is as simple as that because I'd just got used to not getting those vaguely threatening 'no win no fee' letters all the time.

I'd never had a car accident before last year, so it's been a huge learning curve, not to say a slightly complicated one. I hope that's my 1 statistical car accident out the way and I hope to never have another the rest of my life.

I'm off to be ill for the rest of the day. I can't eat and am drinking only water so therefore I must indulge in some boring blogging, and potentially watch an episode of 'Misdomer Murders'. Maybe I could start a short script about being ill, getting a summons and desiring a chocolate ginger SO much that I took one out of the box to smell it earlier. Then again, maybe not.

Did I tell you I was ill?

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