Friday, June 22, 2007

Over the last few days :

1) Received extensive handouts from Adrian Mead seminar - brilliant and useful;

2) Got my mark back for the 10min Short module - woohoo another module passed;

3) Entered the Kaos BSSC competition;

4) Started writing my goals, and then breaking them down into achievable steps;

5) Went into Uni for a workshop morning with the hardy part-timers;

6) Took my niece to ballet : I used to think late-night public transport had lots of weird, loud people, noises and smells on it but that's nothing compared to a class full of utterly random under-5s dressed as fantasy fairies being told to pretend to be seeds. Some, it has to be said, a wee bit reluctantly but I'm glad to say I didn't witness any outlandish showbiz mothers. I wasn't sure my niece was totally into it, but she did say afterwards that she liked the 'jumping' and it was 'a nice ballet', so pretty positive.


AndrewT said...

hullo...anybody home?????

MJ said...

No, we've all gone out for a pizza, please leave a message *beeeeeeep*