Saturday, June 30, 2007

Personal Organiser

This isn't a random bit of pitching, no, it's part of the lovely Lucy's pitch-off! Read more here.


10 min short

GENRE : Black comedy

PITCH : Anyone can set themselves up as a guru these days, but what if the one you choose has a devilish agenda all their own?

SYNOPSIS : Bee is definitely a pleaser.

She likes to help people, likes to facilitate change. She sees it as her calling, athough sometimes she pushes things a little too far. Like when she pokes her practically perfect nose into Loanely and Alec’s suffocating marriage, and takes it upon herself to grant a secret desire, a very personal wish.

The only problem with that is, Bee doesn't always know best, as Loanely finds out when she realises just how devastatingly bad the ultimate ‘personal organiser’ can be.


Elinor said...

Ooh, now I'm intrigued...what is the secret desire? Did you send this to the BSSC comp?

MJ said...

I did indeedy, let's just say that one of the married couple won't be around for dinner ........