Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pear-shaped and proud of it

Ok, so yesterday went a bit pear-shaped which meant I didn't get along to the Adrian Mead seminar BAHHHHH. I'm gutted actually, but a personal crisis got in the way (which I won't go into but it wasn't nearly as interesting as it sounds). It's been looming for a short while so at least that's it hopefully out the way. I'm hoping some of my lovely Uni part-timers will let me crib off their notes so I can get some value out of the 55 quid ticket - not that I'm a skinflint... ok so yes, where educational tickety things are concerned, I AM actually a skinflint.

Most sorry to miss out on the social aspect too, as I was looking forward to expanding my network circle, but there will be other opportunities for that so I'll stop grumbling.

Just back from the local market where I got some newly-dug spuds and local strawberries - also, bizarrely, found a woman selling vintage clothes - now you might not think that that is unusual in itself but in the context of my local market where usually the most vintage-ish item of clothing available is a 1980's 'Frankie says Relax' tshirt, it was pretty extraordinary. Got a fantastic baby blue 1950s prom dress with pink flocked (yes flocked!!) roses, starched petticoats and bow trim; a black chiffon maxi dress; and a smocked white silk 1930s nightgown - woohoo!

I didn't dare look in her box of vintage shoes and handbags because I ran out of cash after the nightgown. Hope she starts appearing regularly, though my cheque-book may not appreciate it.


AndrewT said...

Thats a shame about Adrian Mead. Laura apprently had sent me a link yonks ago but either way I didn't sign up for it - I should have taken your ticket. Ach well, pleny of other ways to get an Oscar - Ebay here I come.

Laura Anderson said...

Yes it's shame you weren't there! I wondered where you were. There was a fair group of us from uni, so hopefully you'll be able to catch up on it from loads of us!

I'm going to post a bit more about it on my blog as well. I was going to type up notes today but I took so many that I wasn't sure where to start.

Hope all's well x