Friday, June 08, 2007

Second Life

Whilst researching the Interactive module at Uni, I was told about 'Second Life' - a cult every-expanding online world that you can enter for free. You sign up, download the software, create a character and then you're free to wander it's amazing shores. And you can fly... you can FLY. I signed up the other day and though I can't see myself playing every day, it is sort of intriguing. There are communities, houses, business, beaches and all manner of things to buy . There are ways to earn Lindens (Second Life money), and all lots of surreal things to do - I sat on a chair for 10 minutes and won a light sabre and then a winged Pegasus horse - you don't get that every day.

You can look human or animal or any weird combination of parts that you choose. You can be naked or clothed, tattooed or alien. You can walk underwater and teleport between lands. It's bizarre, odd and rather fascinating. If you want to seek them out, the basest of human desires are there (and then some, so I'd be wary of anyone too young signing up) along with groups to join, cars to drive and events to attend.



Fun Joel said...

Thanks for the link, and for stopping by my blog! Welcome to the Scribosphere. (And by the way, I posted something a while back about Second Life -- you can do a search on my blog, if you're interested.)

MJ said...

Welcome Joel - been enjoying your blog for a while!