Friday, February 01, 2008

Glad to be Lay(zee)

Glad to say the Doris Day baker & Metal-loving mechanic script has now been delivered, as has the 'Valley of the Dolls' assignment. Now that my tax return is in, and nothing MAJOR is urgently looming (except the need to earn a living of course), I'm currently experiencing the odd pleasure of a day off, my first in around 2 months. Mind you, haircut and dentist appointment looming (though not together, although hmm could that work?), but they are mere blips on my radar pffft, I spit on their insignificance.

Saw 'PS I Love You' - it wasn't very good, but Gerard Butler was very pleasing to the eye (eek I've gone a bit Jane Austen), actually so was Jeffrey Dean Morgan - in fact, good eye candy all round if you like celtic manliness. Entered a short story competition in which the finalists go on a writing workshop with Ian Rankin... can't be bad, and am currently polishing a short for another comp.

Used the wonderful Lucy's script reading services for the first time - helpful, clear and she talks in NORMAL language, none of this unintelligible scriptedegook. I recommend her, in fact, if I was less financially challenged, I might buy the company. Here's her script reading details.


Jon Peacey said...

That Lucy is a damn fine reader. I second your recommendation!

Lucy said...

Aaah, thanks guys! I'm overcome a little. Oh and MJ - my company is worth approx 50 squid I think. Battered.

MJ said...

Calamari! That wasn't empty flattery - your feedback was prompt and useful ty.