Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day I spit in yer eye!

I hope you had a lovely one.

I spent mine giving blood, sitting in the XRay department of my local hospital, and getting prodded and looked at by medical students (not in a good way). Today I'm missing Uni, which is a pain, but necessary. Blah, we were getting a guest in the morning too, which makes it even more annoying, ahh well.

I will use today to work out some ideas for the script I'm about to start, I think it will have cakes in it. Also have to write a middle-of-run episode of my tv series to show it has potential, now that the pilot is out the way. Synopsis of the 6 episodes done, and character outlines complete. Keen to start this, which is a good sign as I feel like I have the story world filling my head.


Jon Peacey said...

Being slightly thick I can't work out whether you were giving blood altruistically or for diagnostic purposes... the latter's why they kept stealing my blood... one phial at a time!

MJ said...

For diagnostic purposes - they did promise me it was ONLY a teaspoon at a time though... like I could even look to check they weren't filling a litre bottle.

Jon Peacey said...

I'm borderline needle-phobic; not helped by the fact that I can feel those needles going in every millimetre of the way- it feels like someone slowly turning a knife in my arm. Unfortunately I've had to have blood taken regularly for most of the last 2 years as 'they' try and get to the bottom of a 'mystery ailment'... fortunately, they take BP with water-wings... sort of.

I hope that everything turns out alright and they don't need to be taking any more of the ol' blood.